Complete modernization of the undeveloped world can only be green.


As you know, Global warming will become more deadly for all humans if modernization of the undeveloped world is also not environmentally friendly. 

Today, the African people’s underdevelopment still chains them to immense suffering at the hands of climate change.

Modernization can end this vulnerability. But in Uganda, the little modernization progress quickly worsens the situation and increases climate shocks the people are highly vulnerable to.

To fight this recurring climate vulnerability, environmentally friendly effort  is needed to completely modernize how people produce.

The Green Chapatti Producers’ Modernization Project:

Jane Nampijja is a slum dweller who owns a roadside chapatti making stall. The stall provides sustenance for her and her two children. In September last year, the stall’s shaky shelter was destroyed by a flood after a heavy rain.

Even worse her home was flooded and the family lost most of their property. This has caused a lot of desperation and suffering for the family as she tries to cope with the damages. “If I had a better earning stall,” she recently told me, “I could rebuild quicker, afford a better home and educate my sons.”

To help vulnerable chapatti producers like Jane, whose livelihoods are being destroyed by climate  shocks, am starting a climate smart modernization project to increase their incomes, improve their livelihoods and reduce their vulnerability while restoring a safer climate. Today, I am urgently looking for supporters to help launch this project in Uganda.

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